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Easter Monday Concert St. Agatha: Svevia Trombone Quartet

Svevia is Italian and means "Swabia", because the Ländle has brought together the four members of the Svevia Trombone Quartet: Florian Helbich, Julian Pfeil, Ann-Catherina Strehmel and Alexander Tauber. All four were members of the [...]

Classical meets Jazz | Trumpet & Classical Guitar

Lucienne Renaudin Vary, *1999 in Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire/France, is a French trumpeter who plays classical music as well as jazz. The exceptional artist is a winner in the category "Révélation" of the French Victoires de la Musique [...]

UWAGA! Acoustic Crossover from Ballet to Disco

UWAGA! - are a virtuoso classical violinist with a preference for Eastern European music, a jazz violinist with punk rock experience, a masterly improvising accordionist with Balkan sound in his blood, and a bassist who [...]

The Jakob Manz Project | fresh young jazz

With their fresh and gripping sound, The Jakob Manz Project is one of the most successful bands of young German jazz. The band with Jakob Manz (alto saxophone), Hannes Stollsteimer (piano & keys), Frieder Klein [...]

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Subtle, soulful and deeply relaxed


The cold, wet snowy weather that accompanied the March 9 drive to the meetMUSIC concert was forgotten the moment the Joel Lyssarides Trio played the first notes. Joel Lyssarides on piano, bassist Niklas [...]


Draiflessen Conference

Georgstraße 18 | 49497 Mettingen
Phone: +49 5452 9168-4000

meetMUSIC is the concert series that Draiflessen Conference launched in 2014

Here the name says it all: meeting for and with music, in a feel-good atmosphere for audience and artists. Interested people of all ages are presented with innovative and familiar musical styles. Our guests get the opportunity to get up close and personal with the artists and discover the music for themselves. meetMUSIC connects and leads especially young people to music …