meetMUSIC opened the 2024 concert year with the program “Resonances” by jazz pianist Johanna Summer. The young artist, who is already in great demand, greeted the audience after a short musical start with very personal words: “I’m playing a concert tonight … classical? Jazz? … you don’t know, I don’t know myself, it’s up to the moment”. But with a glance at the audience, she added in a very down-to-earth manner: “…and for those who might not be so familiar with jazz, I improvise today to Bach, Beethoven, Grieg, Tchaikovsky and others”. Summer once said that she usually starts out of a free impulse. And this first moment already has a life of its own, which she explores more closely and plays with.

And the fascinated audience experienced this in the foyer of Draiflessen, which is increasingly establishing itself as a location for jazz concerts, not least thanks to its light art. Johanna Summer impressed with her lively playing style, her spontaneous expressiveness and her infectious enthusiasm, which are always the basis for her improvised musical experiences. It was like an exploratory tour with constantly changing perspectives and views of the world of classical music and jazz, with the musical journey eventually turning a little more towards jazz.

The concert thus ended in an aesthetic whole, accompanied by enthusiastic applause from the audience.