meetMUSIC has called for a major painting campaign in Mettingen daycare centers and elementary schools: Under the motto “Oops, Oberelfe Gisela has run out of paint! – Please help!” we invited children to design the advertising poster for our family concert “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” on August 20.

We were completely overwhelmed by the response, more than 130 children participated and painted beautiful pictures. Accordingly, the jury of several members had a hard time choosing the winners – the winners of the hearts are without question all the drawings.

The first prize was awarded to 7-year-old Amelia from Paul Gerhardt School, we also awarded the places 2 to 10. The poster of Amelia is our official advertising poster, but we will show all the submitted pictures for our guests as part of this musical story in the park of Draiflessen. The winners have received free tickets, we look forward to seeing them.