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UWAGA! – are a virtuoso classical violinist with a preference for Eastern European music, a jazz violinist with punk rock experience, a masterly improvising accordionist with Balkan sound in his blood, and a bassist who feels just as much at home in symphony orchestras as in jazz combos or funk bands. As “classical innovators from the coal pot”, the four musicians have been grooving their way through the classical repertoire for years with a great love of experimentation. Influenced by diverse backgrounds between classical, jazz, pop and world music, they passionately dissect musical styles into their individual parts, create new musical worlds from them and bring “ecstatic pleasure” to their audience.

In all their forays through the centuries and styles, the four instrumentalists always come up against the same questions: to make a piece of music sound, the inner blueprint must be cracked, the engine that drives the music. Over the years, the crossover enthusiasts have inevitably become experts in a wide variety of grooves, which they switch between at lightning speed and which, depending on the genre, are sometimes subtly smooth, sometimes bouncy or sometimes pounding.

So it was obvious to create a program with various forms of dance music. Uwaga! deconstructs ballet suites and catapults them into other spheres, makes baroque minuets and tango nuevo groove or plays acoustic versions of disco heroes of their youth like Daft Punk or The Prodigy. Their common vision: a music without borders, which makes happy, which goes straight to the heart and to the legs.


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