It was a real firework that Alexander Glöggler and Philipp Jungk presented in Draiflessen on 4 December 2022 The two artists performed their Christmas programme with percussion of all kinds, from drums and boxes to marimba and ladder, sometimes so fast-paced that the audience took its breath away, sometimes very haunting and quiet. Well-known pieces such as the opening chorus of Bach’s Christmas Oratorio, Silent Night and Zuckowski’s Christmas Bakery in their own interpretations as well as their own compositions such as an impressive Asian-influenced piece. From the beginning, Jungk and Glöggler interacted with guests of all ages, involving them in their program and making them smile. Fascinating is the tremendous fun with which they act on stage, believable, rousing and heart-warming. The more than 350 listeners were captivated from start to finish and thanked the musicians with repeated standing ovations.

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