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Captivating melodies and a fine sound

meetMUSIC is delighted to be part of Summerwinds Münsterland again and to be setting the stage for the Schimmer Trio. The founder of the trio is the award-winning harpist Evelyn Huber. The ensemble unites three exceptional dynamic musicians: Evelyn Huber on the harp, Gustavo Strauß on the violin and Jakob Lakner on the clarinet and bass clarinet. They have set themselves the task of exploring the boundaries between jazz, tango and klezmer in a new way through chamber music and improvisation. Klezmer is an instrumental festive music that was once played in the Jewish communities of Eastern Europe to accompany weddings or joyful religious festivals, such as the Purim festival, the Torah celebration or the inauguration of the synagogue.

The Schimmer Trio combines tango, jazz and klezmer into a harmonious whole. Their minimalist yet powerful performance emphasizes the emotional depth and intensity of these three musical styles in a touching way. The trio’s unique performances stand for musical innovation and creativity and testify to outstanding improvisational skills. With a minimalist groove, the trio explores undiscovered landscapes that may seem familiar to the listener, but at the same time bring new musical colors to shimmer and shine, like a flowing river.

The collaboration between the three musicians testifies to their deep understanding and passion for the music that inspires and unites them. Their enormous joy of playing and dedication make each of their live performances an extraordinary event, they arouse emotions and create unique musical moments that will be remembered for a long time.

Evelyn Huber belongs to a new generation of female harpists who have freed the instrument from the corset of classical music and given it new timbres, forms of expression and uses. Inspired by tango, jazz, new classics and Latin American lifestyle, she develops a unique musical style that is carried by her sunny temperament and her dedication to music.

Gustavo Strauß is a composer and violinist with German-Peruvian roots. He studied classical music, jazz and music education at the Nuremberg University of Music and the HMT Munich and is co-founder and composer of the “Paranormal String Quartet”. He now works as a freelance violinist in the fields of classical music, jazz, gypsy jazz, tango, klezmer, experimental music, new music, free improvisation and electronic music.

Jakob Lakner is a German jazz musician (clarinets, tenor saxophone, composition). He was enthusiastic about klezmer and improvisation from an early age and played in various klezmer and jazz bands in his city as a teenager. After graduating from high school, he began studying classical clarinet and founded the successful klezmer band Yxalag during this time. He studied jazz composition in Munich from 2014 to 2016. In 2015, he founded the Monaco Swing Ensemble with friends from the Munich gypsy jazz scene. In addition to his work as a freelance musician and sideman in various Munich big bands, Jakob Lakner teaches clarinet and saxophone and gives workshops for klezmer and improvisation.

Evelyn Huber – Harp (formerly Quadro Nuevo)
Gustavo Strauss – Violin & Violin Loops (Paranormal String Quartet)
Jakob Lakner – clarinet & bass clarinet (Yxalag Klezmerband)

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