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Svevia is Italian and means “Swabia”, because the Ländle has brought together the four members of the Svevia Trombone Quartet: Florian Helbich, Julian Pfeil, Ann-Catherina Strehmel and Alexander Tauber. All four were members of the Stuttgart trombone class, the “Stuttgarter Posaunen Consort, SPC”. This ensemble was founded in 2006 by Stuttgart trombone professor Henning Wiegräbe and is considered a springboard for musical careers. The SPC combines the highest professionalism with youthful fire and the joy of musical discovery. Apart from the variable instrumentation, the stylistic variety from Renaissance to groovy pop and funk music is a trademark of the ensemble.

The four young musicians played together in the “Stuttgarter Posaunen Consort” in a large ensemble and then decided to form a chamber music quartet. The young ensemble plays works from the Renaissance to the modern age and impressively and atmospherically demonstrates the range of musical expression that can be found on the trombone. In addition to their classical training, the artists also devote themselves to playing the baroque trombone and regularly participate in courses for historical performance practice.

The members of the Svevia Trombone Quartet have already won many prestigious awards, perform nationally and internationally and have played in orchestras such as the Munich Philharmonic, the Stuttgart State Orchestra, the Stuttgart Philharmonic and the Freiburg Philharmonic Orchestra.

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