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Joel Lyssarides Trio

He is considered one of the great storytellers of Scandinavian jazz and is - still - an insider tip: Joel Lyssarides. Outside his home country of Sweden, the 30-year-old pianist, who owes his last name to Greek roots, is probably only known to insiders. He is already a star on the streaming service Spotify, and his music has been viewed over 50 million times in recent years.

Easter Monday Concert St. Agatha: Svevia Trombone Quartet

Svevia is Italian and means "Swabia", because the Ländle has brought together the four members of the Svevia Trombone Quartet: Florian Helbich, Julian Pfeil, Ann-Catherina Strehmel and Alexander Tauber. All four were members of the [...]

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